Fluor Powder New Snow (Neu Schnee)

Fluor Powder New Snow (Neu Schnee)

Fluor Powder New Snow (Neu Schnee)

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-1°C / -20°C (Doser > 14% and higher) New, fresh fallen snow
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 HWK Ski Wax fluor powder Neuschnee (Noi schnay) new snow is a wax made specifically for new, and fresh fallen snow that is occuring or has been received in the last 12 hours. This pure fluor powder is top notch in drier new snow conditions that are very cold to cold -20 to -5"C.  (For new snow that is falling and is wetter and ranges from -4'C and up we recommend using Fluor Powder Warm.)  Neuschnee FP is awesome when the Doser reads above 14% up to mid level (25%) moisture readings.  Iron temp 145'C. Let cool 15 min before brushing.



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