Fluor Powder Extreme UNIVERSAL

Fluor Powder Extreme UNIVERSAL

Fluor Powder Extreme UNIVERSAL

Select Art.No.: 8546-30
Temp. independant (Doser 14% or less, 30% or higher) All snow types, extremely dry or extremely wet snow
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 HWK Ski Wax Fluor powder Extreme is the king of 100% fluoro powders.  This fluor powder is very unique in that it runs extremely well at both ends of the waxing spectrum.  Very dry (Doser below 14% snow moisture content) and very wet (Doser above 30% snow moisture content).  FP Extreme should be tested when it is very cold and very dry and when very warm and very wet.  This fluor powder works in all snow types!  It is temperature independent. FP Extreme should be used when the conditions are "Extreme". In the Nordic world this is a premium marathon and spring wax due to it's durability and ability to repel dirt. This was our number one selling powder in 2012-13 and attained major success on the World Cup!    Please note the very high ironing temp of 170 'C.   Let cool 15min before brushing.


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