"Doser"-Snow Moisture Analyser

"Doser"-Snow Moisture Analyser
Doser- Snow Moisture Analyser (high frequency electrical moisture meter).
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Doser- Moisture Meter.  The Doser is a tool that measures the moisture content of the snow.  This is the most important tool available in helping determine the wax of the day.  Dry snow = 17% or less, middle to moist snow = 17%-28%, wet = 28%-100% moisture.  See individual wax descriptions for recommended use.  This tool also helps determine your base wax.  Low fluor and paraffin waxes are typically used in the "Dry" categrory, and High fluor and pure fluor are used in the middle to wet categories. Good contact with the snow is a must.  Doser must be used in a minimum of 3cm of snow.  We recommend an average of 3 readings and then take the average.   This is a special order item.  Plan on 4 weeks for delivery. In combination with snow and air temperature, knowing the type of snow, the Doser provides one more piece of data  to scientifically determine the wax of the day.   Special note: After using this tool during testing we have found that the Doser answers many of our questions as to "why" a certain wax or waxes are working!  This tool comes with a protective case.



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