LFW3 Cold -4°F/ 25°F Silver

LFW3 Cold -4°F/ 25°F  Silver
-4°C / -20°C Low Fluor Wax for new, transformed, fine grained (windblown,) and dry to medium moisture levels. Great race wax or as a base for race topcoats!
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HWK SKI WAX LFW3 SILBER is the new formulation of LFW3.  The baby blue wax that has been a staple in so many race boxes for cold weather has been replaced with a version that contains a silver additive similar to the HFW3 wax. It has been having greast success in cold and dry conditions.  We are really excited to have this upgrade as we have had so much success with our other products with the silber additive (HFW3, M-silber, Polar Extreme Silber).HWK LFW3 has been very successful as a race wax in both cold and dry conditions on new to transformed snow on both natural and artificial snow.  HWK LFW3 is a great underlayer for HWK powders and sticks and A must have race wax for dry and cold conditions!
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Air temperature -4°C / -20°C
 Humidity  all levels
 Ironing temperature 140°C
 Quantity 100g


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