HWK Skiwax App

Be a wax professional with HWK Ski Wax!

The HWK Ski Wax calculator is now in APP form for iphone, ipad, ipod touch and all android phones! This is a free APP!!!

How do I install the HWK Ski Wax calculator on my smart phone?
For all Apple products (iphone, ipad, ipod touch) please visit the AppStore. When you are at the AppStore please search for "HWK Ski Wax". Download and install to your Apple device. You now have professional wax advice only a click away!
hwk skiwachsberater
For all Android phones:
Open the Android Market on your phone. Search for "HWK Ski Wax". When you find the HWK icon click on it and start the download process. Install the HWK App. You now have professional wax advice only a click away.

  HWK Skiwachsberater

Online Wax Calculator

Click here for the Online Wax Calculator

With this online wax calculator you can find the wax of the day. Select the fields that most suit you (Alpine/Nordic), and whether you will be racing or just having fun (training/racing/world cup). Select the weather conditions for the area you will be skiing. Select the humidity, snow conditions and temperature. You now have the waxing recommendation. Watch the videos or read the processing descriptions on how to apply HWK Ski Wax like a professional!

Good Luck and have fun on your fast boards!