Nordic ULTRA HFW Base

Nordic ULTRA HFW Base
+10°C / -10°C HF
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NORDIC ULTRA BASE is formulated specifically as a high fluor base wax for ski marathons and long distance races.  It has great range from -10C to +10C

This wax can be looked at at the ÖSV of HF waxes which makes our version of an universal HF wax.  Many marathons these days are skied on manmade snow, they are often transformed and can be dirty.  The Ultra base wax is a very hard wax and is great as an underlay for Fluor Powders.  We are currently only carrying the 100g size here in North America.

Temperaturbereich: +10°C bis -10°C
Bügeltemperatur: ca. 140°C
Lieferform: Block


Additional product information

Air temperature+10°C / -10°C
 Humidity> 60%
 Ironing temperature140°C