HFW 3 Cold 10°F/25°F

HFW 3 Cold 10°F/25°F
-4°C / -12°C HF wax for new snow, recently transformed, hard artificial snow. Use in snow with mid to high moisture levels and or mid to high air humidity readings.
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 HWK SKI WAX HFW3 is great for all snow types including, new, recently transformed, and artificial snow. Use when humidity levels are between 50 and 70%. Do not use when snow is very dry and squeaky. Use as a base layer for fluor powders and sticks when relative humidity is above 70%.  HWK HFW3 contains a silver additive.  When waxing with this specialized wax, the wax may look molten do not overheat.  When scraping HFW3 do not overscrape, there will be some metallic residue left in the ski base.  Brush the ski like you would with all other waxes.  Do not try to brush out all of the silver.  The silver is a dry lubricant and is needed to slide over the snow.  To clean the ski of HFW3, wax with A1 Allround, brush and scrape, repeat process until silver is gone.  HFW3 has been one of our most successful race waxes! 

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Air temperature-4°C / -12°C
 Humidity> 60%
 Ironing temperature140°C


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