Polar Extreme Cold Powder

Polar Extreme Cold Powder
-5°C / -30°C Non Fluor Cold Powder for cold, aggressive, dry, new, and artificial snow. Use for base burn prevention (alpine).
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HWK SKI WAX Polar Extreme is a cold powder for very cold, dry, new, and artificial types of snow. This can be used as an additive to other waxes, used as a stand-alone wax layer, or as a base layer for fluor powders. For alpine skiing, use to prevent “base burn”. Great Results on the World Cup on extremely dry snow! HWK Polar Extreme is a non fluorinated wax.

Polar extreme does not contain fluorine!

Additional product information  
Air temperature -5°C / -30°C
 Humidity dry
 Ironing temperature 150°C
 Quantity 40g


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